Two of my great loves in life are photography and travel. Through travel I have learned to appreciate other cultures and see the vast beauty that exists throughout the world. I realize how very different people and cultures are, and at the same time feel that, by observing through the lens, appreciating and capturing the beauty, that I somehow become a part of these foreign cultures.

I have always used my photography to document things in my life, to make sure I don’t miss any details that otherwise might later be forgotten. I enjoy sharing my experiences with others through my photography and hope it inspires people to pursue their own adventures.

My earliest memory of photography was in school when I was drawn to advanced SLR cameras and found myself desperately wanting one for Christmas. I had always had point and shoots, but wanted more than “just snapshots”. That year I received my Pentax K-1000 with lenses and flash. I now recall that as “The Best Christmas Ever”. I started going to the library and checking out every photography book I could find, and asking for all their old photography magazines. By the time I signed up for my first official photography class, I knew my way around a SLR fairly well. I remember my photography instructor telling the other students to ask me for help often, I was quite proud to be someone people went to for help and advice. I was also very grateful to finally be in a darkroom, I was very excited to be able to use real equipment, and it inspired me to invest in a darkroom of my own. While still in school, I had an internship with the local paper and I had photos receive recognition and awards in tourist magazines.

After years of experimenting in my darkroom, and many requests from family and friends for my photographs, I was almost convinced to start selling and showing my photos to the public. Then, a cross country trip resulted in thousands of pictures. I could no longer keep these experiences to myself. I decided to finally frame and share my experiences. Once I did, I received a very warm reception. I currently have photos hanging in organic markets, some local art appreciative restaurants and coffee houses, and the Cooperstown Art Gallery. I have been at Harvest Festivals, holiday festivals, The Albany Tree Lighting Ceremony, and have reserved space at The Albany Tulip Festival. I also have work displayed at the Wall Talk Gallery in Northampton, MA; I am in the Middleburgh's Artisan's Gallery Traveling Art Show. I have recently scheduled several Art Night openings at places like Moon and River Cafe, in Schenectady and Ambition coffee house and eatery on Jay Street, Schenectady. People have begun to approach me, and am excited to have already been asked to participate in many projects this spring and summer, from outdoor art exhibitions, to Art Shows, to an offer to be an Art Night band photographer, and an offer to be the official photographer for a tourism project that will reach nationwide audiences.

I hope that my photos truly inspire all who see them to get out and find people, places, and experiences so memorable, that they must be shared.
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